Meet Melanie

Attention Homes’ street outreach staff and volunteers met Melanie and her family on the street. Although her mom had a job their family didn’t have enough money to afford their own place, they were homeless. Melanie’s mom brought her to Attention Homes so that she would be safe and attend high school regularly.

Melanie has taken a great interest during her stay with us in helping others less fortunate. She regularly takes donations to those she knows in need on the street, whether it is a blanket to keep them warm, a sandwich or a teddy bear to make them smile. Even in her tough situation she is always looking out for others.

Melanie’s family has found housing in another town and will soon be moving there so they can live together, which is all Melanie ever wanted. She looks forward to living in her new home with her family and having a place to call her own. We will miss Melanie but take pride in helping her and her family stay together. We also know Melanie will go on to do great things to help others.

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