Corporate Sponsor

We’d like to introduce one of our newest Corporate Partners Cultivate Premium Corporate Gifts. Cultivate provides unique high-end gift experiences for companies and has adopted a corporate culture of philanthropy through their Giveback Program. Soon after reaching out to Attention Homes, Cultivate scheduled a company wide volunteer training which has since led to many of their employees volunteering at The Source over the last 6 months. The company has also committed to being a Kaleidoscope Event Sponsor this year at the Mentor Level of $5,000. This is a tremendous gift that directly helps us hit our fundraising goal for the event. We are incredibly fortunate to have their support and we look forward to broadening our partnership!

“We’re excited to be a partner of Attention Homes. We launched our Giveback Program last year and were looking for an organization that not only made a difference in our local community, but helped to change lives now and impact the future. We value Attention Homes and look forward to partnering with them for years to come.”

-Tom Romine
 President, Cultivate


Leadership Vision from new Executive Director

At Attention Homes, our vision is a world where EVERY young person has a safe place to live and the attention they need. As the new Executive Director for the agency, I have the remarkable honor of leading us through this next phase of working toward this goal. The path to changing the lives of those we serve is clear and it involves all of us, including you. If you’re reading this, you are already contributing to our mission, so thank you.
The NUMBER ONE contributing factor to well-being and positive outcomes for people is a sense of belonging and community. Sharing a common purpose is what drives every successful venture, business, community, family and team. Here at Attention Homes, we share not only a common purpose, but a common set of values and a vision for the next generation. We have an incredibly gifted and passionate team of professionals, partners and supporters that are working tirelessly to create a community where youth have a voice, and a choice, about their future.
As this new chapter in Attention Homes begins, I am optimistic and hopeful for the youth and young adults that we serve. Let’s build on the community we have created and continue to do everything we can to offer them opportunities to pursue their dreams, create community and have a clear voice in all aspects of what we do. It will take all of us to achieve our vision, but we CAN do it together.
– Chris Nelson
Executive Director

Zach’s Graduation!

Zach Dalton recently passed all four GED tests required to receive his diploma, which was an extremely proud moment for Zach as well as everyone at The Source. After a couple of weeks of getting to know Zach we began talking about his future goals and general aspirations.
During these conversations he mentioned that he had been in college at one point and wanted to apply to CU Boulder. This prompted some digging into the admissions office where we learned Zach met all of the requirements except for the high school equivalency. After this realization I invited him to join the GED program and we immediately got to work.
After a lot of hard work, we determined he was ready for the big show. Zach was eager to take the tests, so we scheduled all four in a two day span and he aced them – passing them all and earning college credit in Science and Math! Afterwards we held a celebratory graduation ceremony for him at The Source. Now that Zach has his high school equivalency, he plans to apply to CU for the Fall 2019 semester. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I am excited to help him with the admissions application next fall!

As for the GED program, we currently have six students that have put in a total of 34 hours of study time. Youth have also passed six different GED tests and more tests are being planned in the coming weeks. The youth are working hard and excited about the possibility of getting their high school equivalency. Fortunately, this is just one of the many opportunities and resources The Source provides our Youth.
– Sean Vandermosten
[Sean has been the GED Instructor at The Source since the beginning of Feb. He holds a Masters in Special Education & CO Teaching Certificates in Social Studies (7-12) and Special Education (K-12). He is also very pumped up to be part of the Attention Homes Family.]

Staff Highlight: Claire Clurman

Claire has been part of the Attention Homes family for over 9 years. Starting as a part-time Volunteer Coordinator, she never expected it would grow into a near decade full-time journey. As of this week, Claire has officially left her post as Executive Director and will be dearly missed by all. Learn more about Claire & her time at Attention Homes below.

A favorite memory from Attention Homes
“Seeing one of our clients graduate from Boulder High School the same year as my daughter. He was only 17 and had moved to Boulder seeking a better life. He was determined to have a better future and persevered through many challenges. Taking a picture of him in his graduation robe reaffirmed the remarkable resiliency in our youth & why Attention Homes matters.”
One thing you learned at Attention Homes
“I learned that Attention Homes wouldn’t exist today without the support of our community: volunteers, donors, fellow service providers, businesses, faith communities, families, and service clubs; all of whom have worked with amazing staff to keep Attention Homes vibrant and able to serve its mission.”

Something you are proud of
“It can’t be just one! The dedication and growth of our staff and the City approval of the Attention Homes Apartments.”

Now that you have free time, what’s next?
“Sleep, exercise, take a long-awaited trip to Kenya with my husband, spend time with my parents and family, and plan for my next chapter in life.”

Will you stay involved with Attention Homes?
“I hope to volunteer and donate whenever I can as well as support the mentoring program at the Attention Homes Apartments. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Attention Homes and I know that both Chris Nelson and Brittny Wilson will continue to lead the organization with dedication and a deep commitment to changing lives!

Leadership Transition

Following Claire Clurman’s announcement that after nine years, she’ll be stepping away from Attention Homes, the Board of Directors announced that Chris Nelson will become the new Executive Director effective March 19th. Chris has over 20 years of experience working with at-risk youth and has been with Attention Homes for the last 10 years, during which he has held a variety of roles; starting as lead program staff before moving into the role of Director of Programs in 2012, and rising to Deputy Director in 2017. We are thrilled to have Chris lead our organization into its next phase of growth and expansion.