Staff Spotlight: Ashley Langley

We are thrilled to introduce you to Ashley Langley, our Administrative Assistant at Attention Homes. A CO native, Ashley joined us in December, bringing warmth and professionalism to every project she tackles.
Ashley is amazed by the generosity of this community as she coordinates clothing and household item donations – at one point boxes of coats, socks and blankets were stacked 6 feet high in our front lobby! (Sidebar: THANK YOU donors who have donated to keep our clients warm this winter.)
Ashley is excited to be a part of Attention Homes and working on a mission that’s important to her personally.

Attention Homes Construction Update

Opening Fall 2019!
On the road to stability and self-sufficiency, one of the largest barriers young people face is a lack of affordable housing. Therefore in 2015 Attention Homes embarked on a quest to create affordable and supportive housing for young adults who are experiencing homelessness.
Now in 2019, construction of the Attention Homes Apartments is fully underway, with each day bringing an added layer of progress and moving us closer to move-in. Over the last 12 months, significant progress has been made; including the moving of a historic home, completion of a 72-spot underground parking garage, framing, and window installation! We are so excited for 40 young people to move in starting this fall!
If you haven’t stopped by the corner of 15th & Pine, make sure to take a look!
Addison’s Story

Addison’s Story

In September of last year, 17-year-old Addison found herself without a home after her parents could no longer afford the motel they were living in. At this point in her life, Addison was too familiar with instability. She wanted something different.

Approximately 1,200 school-aged kids under age 18 experience homelessness in Boulder County every year.

In an effort to make a better life for herself, she moved back to Boulder where she grew up, leaving the minimal support of her parents behind.

After living out of her car for a few months, Addison came to Attention Homes’ Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter. Although she’d been able to secure a job, Addison couldn’t afford housing. She knew that she needed some help…

Read Addison’s Full Story Here

Volunteer Spotlight: Kirk “The Pizza Fairy” & Audrey Jane’s Pizza Garage

Longtime volunteer Kirk first learned about Attention Homes back in 2013 and started volunteering in the drop-in center. He decided to bring pizzas to drop-in, which always goes over great with teenagers.

When he told Audrey Jane’s Pizza Garage about the reason for his weekly visits to their restaurant, they were thrilled to help and committed to giving Kirk 50% off his weekly pizza purchases!

Five years later, Kirk, nicknamed ‘The Pizza Fairy’ continues to bring pizza to The Source every Sunday and hang out with the youth.

We owe a huge thank you to Kirk and Audrey Jane’s Pizza Garage, for their generous pizza donations each week. The pair truly are a perfect example of local partnership & all of us pitching in to do our part to support homeless youth!

Donor Spotlight: The Gates Family Foundation

The Gates Family Foundation makes philanthropic investments around the state of Colorado in order to create opportunities for youth and to support the stewardship of our wonderful state.
The Gates Family Foundation was built on the legacy of Charles C. Gates Sr., founder of the The Gates Rubber Company in Denver in the early 1900’s. As the Gates Family website outlines: “Colorado offered Charles Gates, Sr. a place to establish a business and raise his family. In return, the Gates Family Foundation has been the vehicle through which the family has given back to the state.”
Today we are delighted to be the recipients of a capital grant that honors the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Gates.
The Gates Family Foundation has provided $20,000 in support of the Attention Homes Apartments Social Enterprise program. We look forward to putting these dollars to good use by creating opportunities for our youth’s futures.