Donor spotlight

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In 2017, The Subaru of America Foundation generously provided Attention Homes with a $10,000 grant to support career pathway development, job training and life-skills programming. The Foundation was established in 1984 to benefit communities and is dedicated to supporting young people as they become the next
generation of our country’s leaders. In particular, Subaru is committed to funding organizations that help un- or low-employed youth become self-sufficient: a mission that speaks directly to the work of AH programs! We are thrilled to have the support of Subaru as we work with youth to develop critical job skills, gain & maintain employment, and move towards a successful and independent future.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth recently joined the Attention Homes Senior Management team as Director of Finance & we are thrilled to have her. She is filling a new position as our organization grows with the Attention Homes Apartments. Elizabeth is tasked with high-level financialplanning, future growth assessment, and human resources.

What brought you to Attention Homes?

“Having been with Mile High United Way the last 4 years, I was excited to join a smaller team with more of a direct connection to the mission. I was drawn to the ‘family’ style environment & not so corporate.”

What are some of your hobbies?
“I enjoy gardening and tending to my backyard flock of chickens. I also volunteers as a Citizen Scientist with the BirdConservancy of the Rockies’ Bald Eagle nest monitoring program.”

What else should we know about you?
“I have an 18 year old boy & 15 year old girl who both keep me very busy! I love hanging out with them and planning our next adventure to someplace sunny.”

Volunteer Recognition

In 2017, Attention Homes had over 800 individuals & 21 volunteer groups come through our doors and provide over 11,000 hours of service.
Last night we celebrated our volunteers & honored a few that consistently go above & beyond for the work of Attention Homes. This night is one small way we can say THANK YOU to our many supporters!
Xcel Energy:
Volunteer Group of the Year
Leah Colby:
Vern Gardner Distinguished Service Award
Josh Major:
The Source Volunteer of the Year
Clint Van Akkeren:
Chase House Volunteer of the Year

Program Change

In January of 2018 our Residential Program implemented new programming in tandem with the residents of Chase House. The goal of the program: Support the creation of partnerships and expectations that are as normative, homelike, and individualized as possible to serve the unique needs of each youth. To do this we introduced allowance and natural consequences into our program; two familiar concepts to the ages of youth in the program. Youth allowance is based on contributing positively to the community and following through on individual responsibilities. We added the opportunity for youth to work with staff to determine their allowance and youth are always encouraged to advocate for what they think they have earned. Conversely, if a youth is missing sleep because they’re on their phone, they may have to turn in their phone at bedtime.  Most importantly are the relationships that staff and youth develop.
Through these relationships, staff are able to learn about and support the needs that youth are trying to meet. Staff are then able to work with youth in a way that allows them to identify healthy ways of meeting those needs and work collaboratively to solve problems.

From Homeless to Harvard

Liz Murray was homeless at age 15 and fending for her life most days. Determined not to be defined by her circumstances, she recognized education as the key. She earned her high school diploma in just two years and won a scholarship to Harvard University that would turn her bleak circumstances into a future filled with limitless possibility.
Unfortunately Liz’s early life and home situation is more common than we might think, and many of our clients at Attention Homes face similar circumstances. Stories like Liz’s remind us of the importance in having youth-centered continuum of care programs in our communities across the country. By giving at-risk & homeless youth the opportunity to thrive, with the help of supportive adults, they all can turn their story into one of success, like Liz Murray’s story.