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Attention Homes is dedicated to providing youth and young adults ages 12 to 24 with an opportunity to change their lives.

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Runaway & Homeless Youth on the Streets of America


Percent of Runaway & Homeless Youth Who Have Attempted Suicide

Homeless Youth and Young Adults in Colorado

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The Source Boulder Youth Shelter

Runaway & Homeless Youth Program (The Source):

Attention Homes operates the only youth shelter in Boulder County. Our program was created specifically to help homeless youth living on the streets or in unstable living conditions transition to long-term housing and/or family reunification.

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Attention Homes Adolescent Residential Care Program

Adolescent Residential Care Program (Chase House):

Attention Homes’ Adolescent Residential Care program provides residential treatment to adolescents in crisis. We offer youth emotional and behavioral support in a safe, structured, RCCF-licensed (Residential Child Care Facility) home-like setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What ages are eligible for your programs?

A: Attention Homes serves boys and girls ages 12-18 at Chase House. Overnight emergency services at The Source are available to youth, ages 13-20 and day drop-in services are available to youth ages 13-24.

Q: How many youth can you help at one time?

A: We can care for up to 16 youth overnight in our shelter (but we usually keep it at 12-14), 40 in day drop-in and 10 boys or girls in our residential program.

Q: Do you have live-in 'house parents?' Who supervises residents?

A: There are no live-in “house parents.” Our Direct Care Counselors are on-duty and awake 24 hours a day. They work in three shifts throughout the day and even do bed checks throughout the night.

Q: What are the reasons youth seek help from Attention Homes?

A: Attention Homes serves youth who are in crisis for a variety of reasons. Most of the youth we serve have experienced a combination of abuse, neglect, substance abuse, mental health illness, delinquency, homelessness, and runaway behaviors. In addition, many youth have experienced disruptions in their family life, education, employment, and housing.

Q: Do you charge anything for your services?

A: Attention Homes provides services without regard for ability to pay. All RHY services are provided free of charge.

Q: What are your policies regarding school attendance?

A: Whenever possible, Attention Homes ensures that youth attend their ‘home’ school. When teens have not been in school, have been kicked out of school or are from a distance too great to commute, then Attention Homes has 30 days to find a school placement. We work extensively with local alternative schools to ensure the youth in our care are in an appropriate setting.

Q: Are youth free to come and go from your housing and shelter?

A: Attention Homes is a voluntary program, not a lock-down facility. There are no locks on the bedroom doors or bars on the window and we do not physically restrain the youth in our care.

Q: How long are residents able to stay in your Runaway & Homeless Youth shelter?

A: A client in the emergency shelter at The Source can stay in our shelter for up to 21 days at a time. Youth at Chase House stay until a discharge plan and follow-up placement is determined.

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