Volunteers of the Month

At Attention Homes, we have amazing volunteers that make our work possible! Here are some of our featured Volunteers of the Month:

Kathy Schneider

Kathy Schneider

September 2017

“I volunteer once a week at The Source Drop-In center. My role is to be a supportive adult who is interested in the young people at The Source, and who engages them individually or in a group in a non-judgmental way. I also volunteer on the Street Outreach Team another day each week, going into the community to seek out young people new to the area, while sharing resources and providing food and hygiene essentials to those in crisis and experiencing homelessness. To all the youth who walk into The Source, they are provided a safe haven, crucial resources and a sense that they MATTER. It is so important that they feel seen, heard and cared about; which the wonderful staff and volunteers ensure. Being able to help those with so little and to engage them one-on-one is a humbling and rewarding experience for me, and I am grateful for the vital work Attention Homes does and that I can be part of it.”
Kristen Solomon

Kristen Solomon

August 2017

“I have been a weekly Street Outreach volunteer, serving youth experiencing homelessness, since February of this year. While this outreach is tremendously valuable to those we serve, this experience has also allowed me to learn the obstacles this population faces, as well as understand the lack of support they have. My prior stereotypes have been thrown out the window and I am deeply touched and grounded on a weekly basis. One of the happiest moments of Street Outreach is when one of our youth says they won’t be seeing us the following week because they have just secured a solid job and stable housing! This position has given so much to me and I would love to host someone on an outreach tour if they are interested!” – Kristen
“Kristen brings an energy and passion to outreach that does not go unnoticed with the people that we serve. I have had the privilege of spending my Thursday mornings with Kristen, and often find myself thoroughly impressed by the portable outreach meals she prepares (fried chicken and mashed potatoes, pork kimchi, two kinds of chili, just to name a few), and her positive attitude. She asks great questions, is invested in everyone we interact with, and contributes donations to Attention Homes regularly. I am glad Kristen is getting the recognition that she deserves!”
– Blake Edmond,
Street Outreach Coordinator
Feed the City Volunteers

Feed the City Volunteers

July 2017

On Saturday July 8th, over 30 caring & eager volunteers joined Attention Homes at Alfalfa’s Market, Louisville, for a successful Feed The City event, hosted by TangoTab. The volunteers purchased sandwich making supplies & snacks and assembled 540 meals to feed people-in-need in CO. Attention Homes was fortunate to share the proceeds with the Boulder Shelter & we passed out half of these meals to individuals through our Street Outreach Program.
Thank you to all volunteers who came out to Feed the City!
Bernie Barton

Bernie Barton

June 2017

“My journey with Attention Homes started over a year ago when I began volunteering on the Street Outreach Team. Through the grapevine I learned that the creative writing group at the Source was looking for a proctor. After my first writing group, I felt truly overwhelmed by the open armed gratitude and honest commitment from each person who came to the group. Since that first group, I come to the Source every week with poetry books in one hand and writing prompts in the other; and every week, the prompts come to life in remarkable ways. Whether it is a new face or someone who has remained consistent, every Monday I am met with devotion, positivity, raw emotion, and thankfulness. I love my creative writing group at the Source because I have the unique opportunity to get to know our young people in a way most people do not: a way that captures their realities on a personal level; one that is not an anecdote of homelessness, but rather a platform for what they need to let go of, what is on their mind, how they define themselves, and how they view the world around them. I feel lucky to foster their creativity, intelligence, hopes, and desires in a safe space that grows with intention each week. To me, the Street Outreach Program and Creative Writing group reflects on what I know to be true about our community: resilience.” – Bernie

Kaleidoscope Event Committee

May 2017

Unless you have done it, you can’t imagine the volume of details and hundreds of hours spent planning a gala with a fundraising goal of over $200,000. It could not happen without the support of the behind the scenes heroes – the Event Committee.
Starting in January, a handful of dedicated volunteers committed to pounding the pavement to share the mission of Attention Homes, and secure donations for Hang 10. Margaret, Andrea, Donna, Celina, JoAnna, Caleb, Shelley, Trina, Laurie, Teri and Patti brought in close to 300 items to build unique and fun packages raising over $15,000! Danielle and Kati spent hours setting up our mobile bidding website, and Amy transformed the Omni into a tropical paradise including 12 foot palm trees, surf boards and tiki bars built by my husband, Rob.Way to go, team! We are so very grateful for your huge hearts and dedication to the work of Attention Homes!
– Kimberly Rouland, Events Manager
2017 Volunteers of the Year

2017 Volunteers of the Year

April 2017

In 2016, over 800 individual volunteers and 27 faith groups, service clubs and businesses provided over 10,000 hours of service to Attention Homes. In addition, we had over 300 meals donated to us from individuals, families, and local restaurants. Using Independent Sector’s estimate of the value of volunteering, our volunteers’ service was valued at over $230,000! At Attention Homes, we wholeheartedly understand that it truly does take a village to care for our vulnerable youth, and we appreciate all of our supporters that help us care for at-risk youth in this community.

2017 Volunteer Award Winners:

Vern Gardner Distinguished Service Award:
Jeffrey Joe Hinton

The Source Volunteer of the Year:
Margaret Davis

Chase House Volunteer of the Year:
Etan Weiss

Volunteer Group of the Year:
Valmont Community Presbyterian Womens’ Association