The Youth Council at The Source meets every Tuesday night and has over 10 members. The purpose of this council is to brainstorm activities, suggest topics that would be helpful for them to explore, provide input on our programs & available resources, and much more.

Most recently, they have started working on a promotional video for The Source to share and encourage their peers to visit and utilize our services. Making a video of any length takes a lot of organizing and effort. Last week, they encouraged others to be part of the project and started planning. They interviewed current clients, carefully planned camera views, and began filming.

This week at the Youth Council meeting they reviewed all of their footage and brainstormed the overall sequence of the video. When asked why they think Youth Council is important, the group discussed the opportunity to work with a team, gain leadership skills, and the benefit of learning about journalism and media arts through this film project.

We are fortunate to have youth who are truly invested in Attention Homes and the success of not only themselves, but their peers as well!