Each New Year brings the opportunity to create changes in the form of “resolutions”. When young people are experiencing the challenges associated with living on the streets, “resolute” is the tip of the proverbial iceberg in defining the characteristic of a young person working toward safe and stable housing. At Attention Homes, we work tirelessly to help youth and young adults attain and sustain housing. Even with all of the hours of time that staff put into helping young people reach this goal, it pales in comparison to the work that each youth puts into achieving this outcome.
Cliff is no exception. At age 18, Cliff was still living at home, needing the support that tens of millions of young adults in our country need to transition into adulthood. He was focused on completing his high school education and working part time to help with bills when his parents announced they were getting a divorce. Cliff’s mom was moving to be near her family and Cliff’s dad was going to rent a home in Boulder. Cliff made the tough decision to stay in a community he was connected to and live with his dad.
After a few months, Cliff’s dad lost his job and they both were homeless within a few weeks. After many months of living on the streets, they exhausted every avenue they knew. As the weather turned colder in November of 2016, Cliff learned of and came to Attention Homes youth shelter, The Source. Over the course of a year, Cliff worked his way from part-time minimum wage jobs to a full time job at a local restaurant and was able to save over $1,000 within a couple of months. At the end of 2017, Cliff moved into his first apartment. Cliff continues to get support from Attention Homes and as 2018 begins, Cliff has one resolution: To never again experience the challenges that come from lacking a safe and stable place to live.