Attention Homes Apartments

Due to the lack of affordable housing in the area, Attention Homes recently built a 40-unit apartment complex for formerly homeless transition-age youth, ages 18-24, with on-site services such as job training, life-skills development, employment opportunities, and education support to build toward long-term self-sufficiency.

“As someone being homeless, not knowing if I have a guaranteed bed at night is something that I worried about for almost a year. After being at Attention Homes and getting their help, I moved into my own apartment on Monday. Moving into a place and being on my own is something that I’ve never done before but it’s something that I’ve been looking for and trying to find every opportunity possible. I’ve worked really hard at doing my best and even if it’s not my best that day, the next day I do better.”

– Zoey, Former Client


Expected Outcomes:


of residents will be able to access mental and physical health care as needed within 12 months of signing lease


of residents will transition to safe and independent housing within 2 years of signing lease


of residents will demonstrate an increased income within 12 months of signing lease


of residents with education goals will be meeting those goals within 2 years of signing lease

Transitional Living Program

Case Managers partner with community agencies, landlords, and government entities to secure rental subsidies for youth experiencing homelessness. In addition, we can assist
individuals at risk of losing housing.