Meet Marianna

When Marianna came to The Source we already knew about her home situation since her older brother had utilized our services before. Raised in Boulder County, Marianna was living at home at 18 but failed to graduate high school. Her parents, suffering from extreme financial distress with 3 additional school-aged children, claimed they could no longer afford to care for her. Marianna knew she needed to leave but was reluctant to go. When her father became violent she realized home was no longer an option.

43% of runaway youth reported physical abuse before leaving home.

As a high school dropout at 18, Marianna lacked the practical skills necessary to become immediately self-sufficient. At The Source she was able to re-engage with her education through GED courses.

75% of runaway and homeless youth do not graduate from high school.

Marianna’s future is now bright thanks to the resources she accessed at Attention Homes. She worked with our Employment Counselor and was able to secure a job. With the help of some housing deposit funds from Attention Homes, Marianna and her brother found an apartment together and she proudly finished her GED. Marianna still comes to The Source for continuing education in grammar and professional writing.

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