Meet Kerri

Kerri had a difficult childhood because of her family circumstances. At age 10, she lost her dad to drugs and alcohol, and her mom used regularly as well. Kerri was left acting as a parent to her three younger siblings by age 13. Soon after, the stress and demands of being an adult at such a young age began to take their toll, and she started to struggle in school and to experiment with drugs herself.

By age 16, she was missing a lot of school and had been arrested twice for drug related charges. She was taken into the custody of social services in Denver and was placed into an inpatient treatment center for what was, by this time, an addiction to drugs. After several placements and multiple stints at rehab, it began to settle in for Kerri that she needed to get her act together. At age 17, she checked herself into rehab and committed to getting off of drugs and getting back on track with school.

When Kerri came to Attention Homes, she had been sober for almost a year and had graduated high school. Her goal was to go to college and get a job, and Attention Homes was her first “community based” placement where those goals could become a reality. While Kerri was at Attention Homes, she was accepted into the University of Colorado’s class of 2015. She got a job working at a restaurant on the hill and was soon prepared to move into the dorms in late August. She also climbed a 14,000 foot mountain (Mt. Bierstadt) for the first time, made new friends in Boulder and at CU, and is working at a job that she says is “great”!

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