At Attention Homes, our vision is a world where EVERY young person has a safe place to live and the attention they need. As the new Executive Director for the agency, I have the remarkable honor of leading us through this next phase of working toward this goal. The path to changing the lives of those we serve is clear and it involves all of us, including you. If you’re reading this, you are already contributing to our mission, so thank you.
The NUMBER ONE contributing factor to well-being and positive outcomes for people is a sense of belonging and community. Sharing a common purpose is what drives every successful venture, business, community, family and team. Here at Attention Homes, we share not only a common purpose, but a common set of values and a vision for the next generation. We have an incredibly gifted and passionate team of professionals, partners and supporters that are working tirelessly to create a community where youth have a voice, and a choice, about their future.
As this new chapter in Attention Homes begins, I am optimistic and hopeful for the youth and young adults that we serve. Let’s build on the community we have created and continue to do everything we can to offer them opportunities to pursue their dreams, create community and have a clear voice in all aspects of what we do. It will take all of us to achieve our vision, but we CAN do it together.
– Chris Nelson
Executive Director