Our Program Manager Tug Levy received this letter from a former client last week:

“Hey Tug, this is Greyson. I know this is being sent at a late hour but my time at The Source has been on my mind, and I remember before I left you told me to shoot you an email about how I’m doing.

If you remember, when I was going to drop-in at Attention Homes last fall I was starting to experience angry outbursts. I didn’t know what was happening to me; that’s what scares me when I look back at that time.

I wanted to say thank you for everything that y’all did for me when I was up there, or I probably would have gotten much worse. You all were great, and I never felt judged.

I am healthy again and I’ve had the same job for half a year now and have been a full-time student for massage therapy. Things are going good, and even though I’m not where I want to be, I’m not depressed and my anxiety hasn’t gotten the best of me in a while. As time goes on I feel more stable, secure, peaceful & content.

In one year I will graduate and work as a massage therapist! Anyways thank you again, because I was sick and needed a place with people who cared to help me.”