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2014 Individual Participants:

(See below for teams and their members)

Liz Bowes-Spiegel, Bowes-Speigel Architects

Madison Bright

Nancy Caccavallo, Board of Directors, Attention Homes

Andrew Clurman, President, Active Interest Media

Claire Clurman, Executive Director, Attention Homes

Leah Colby, La Dolce Events

Mary Coonce, Owner, Porchfront Homes; Attention Homes Board of Directors

Shauna Davidson, Grants Manager, Attention Homes

Larry Dennis

Brian Dower, Owner, UnCommonFit

Mary Duvall, Thistle Communities

Jeff Foltz, PC, Hensley & Kennedy; Attention Homes Board of Directors

Catharine Fortney, Attention Homes Board of Directors

Deb Gardner, Boulder County Commissioner

Terry Gillach, Interim Principal, Boulder High School

Anjoli Harbert, Warrenty Administrator, Fisher Honda Kia

Bo Hawkes

Jeffrey Hinton, Boulder Flatirons Rotary Club

Sara Horn, Event Coordinator, Attention Homes

Suzanne Jones, Boulder City Council Member

Kevin Kelly, Boulder Rotary

Kristen Kraft

Charlie Kuhn

Shawn Lewis, Manager, City of Longmont

Gillian Martin, Gillian Martin British Voice

Baird McKevitt, Xcel Energy; Attention Homes Board of Directors

Riley Mekelburg, Lead Staff, Attention Homes

Jared Mizner, Platt Middle School

Mardi Moore, Executive Director, Out Boulder

Andee Navarette, Event Intern, Attention Homes

Ernie Navarette, Red Rocks Community College

Chris Nelson, Director of Programs, Attention Homes

Mary Jean O'Hair

Rachel Overton, Staff, Attention homes

Pamela Pilarcik, Jack Fisher Homes

Carrollyn Rice

Claire Rice

Amy Rosenblum, Owner, Cultivation Center

Kimberly Rouland

Mike and Dylan Russell, Vice President Human Resources, Micro Motion

Lisa Scanlon

Brian Seeley

Ellen Smith, RHY Program Manager, Attention Homes

Ruben Valentin, Facilities Coordinator, Attention Homes

Gabriel Wilson, Trails Specialist, City of Boulder

Roberta Wolff, Colorado State Bank and Trust; Chair of AH Board of Directors


2014 Teams

Voltage Ad

Eric Fowles, CEO, Voltage Advertising and Design

Howard Peck, Xilinx

Google Boulder

Jed Salazar

Jim McMaster

Nick Bratton

Patrick Lacz

Knights Admin Team (Fairview High School)

Don Stensrud

Jay Stott

Rose Lupinacci

Sarah DiGiacomo

First United Methodist Church

Joe Agne

Pat Bruns

Volunteer Resource Center at CU

Charlotte Thompson

Conor Sedmak

Erin Bode

Kailey Hassanwolff

Kathryn Quinn

Kira Womble

Kristen Grafa

Mary Hains

Max Roland

Taylor Schneider

Salt Church

Ethan Reimann

Mother/Daughter Teams Rock!

Rebecca and Chantelle

Cairn Christian Church

Angie Combs

The Dahl House Zendo

Lizzy Dahl

Live Generously

Chloe Hodgson

Kayla Aspeslagh, Christ the Servant

Annabel Stewart

Randal Stewart




2013 Participants:

Andrew Clurman, President, Active Interest Media  

Abbey Engrav, Student, University of Colorado

Ariel Kahn, Student, University of Colorado

Baird McKevitt, Design Manager, Xcel Energy

Blake Denley, Student/Ralphie Handler, University of Colorado

Bria Schlossmann, Student, University of Colorado

Bryan Quiram, Project Implementer, New Dawn Technologies

Chloe Hodgson

Cindy Domenico, Commissioner, Boulder County

Doug Love, Executive Pastor, Hope Boulder

Elise Jones, County Commissioner, Boulder County

Janine Cruz, Student, University of Colorado

Jennifer Masters, Student, University of Colorado

Jim Hayes, SVP, Van Gilder Insurance Corp. & Board Member, Attention Homes

Jordan Halbleib, Student, University of Colorado

Kevin Kelley, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Advisors

Lucretia Holcomb

Madison Bright, Direct Care Provider, Attention Homes

Molly Serhan, Student, University of Colorado

Nick Rianoshek, Project Coordinator, Conversant Solutions

Niccolo Rinaldini, Student, University of Colorado

Paul Plache, President, Velocity Dynamics, Inc.

Paul Smith, Partner, Bryan Cave LLP

Rebecca Bauer

Shane Millard, Student, University of Colorado

Suzanne Jones, City Councilmember, City of Boulder 

Suzy Patch, Artisan, Dances to Own Drum

Tawny Rogers, Runaway and Homeless Youth Case Manager, Attention Homes

Taylor Hill, Student, University of Colorado

Zack Stickles, Movement Strategy

Chris Nelson, Program Director, Attention Homes       

Curt Colby, Head Swim Coach, Boulder High School & President, Curt Colby Swim

Deb Gardner, Commissioner, Boulder County

Eric Fowles, Owner/Creative Director, Voltage

Gabriel Wilson, Trail Specialist, City of Boulder 

Jeff Foltz, Attorney, Hensley & Kennedy, PC  

Jena Leddon, Residential Staff, Attention Homes

Jim McMaster, Software Engineer, Google

Jim Rianoshek, Former Executive Director, Attention Homes

Joe Agne, Pastor, First United Methodist Church

Joe Hinton, President, Flatirons Rotary Club 

John Sheldon, Vice President, Autism Society of Colorado & Board Member, The Joshua School & Bridge House

John Tayer, President & CEO, Boulder Chamber of Commerce

Kayla Aspeslagh, Director of Youth Ministry, Christ the Servant

Larry Dennis, Former Board President, Attention Homes

Laura Collins, Sr. Registered Client Associate, Wells Fargo Advisors

Leah Colby, Owner, La Dolce Events 

Leslie Herz, Realtor, Herz Homes

Mark Spiegel, Owner & Project Manager, Bowes Spiegel Architects & Project Manager

Mary Coonce, Founder, Porchfront Homes 

Mary Rianoshek, Director Client Experience, Conversant 

Nancy Caccavallo, Executive Consultant, Rodan+Fields & Board Member, Attention Homes

Nick Parsons, Software Developer, Movement Strategy

Pat Burns, Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church

Rachel Overton, Adolescent Residential Care, Attention Homes 

Rebecca Lornenz-Humphries, Cornerstone Home Lending, In

Ryan Van Duzer, TV Host, Adventurer, Filmmaker, DuzerTV 

Roberta Wolff, Vice President, Colorado State Bank & Trust & Board Member President, Attention Homes 

Sara Horn, Development Assistant, Attention Homes

Susan Yates

Tina DiScipio, Associate Broker, Remax of Boulder

Timothy Hoskens, Planning & Zoning Commissioner, City of Fort Lupton 


2013 Teams:


AkuaTuta Team


Jayaram Subramaniam

Nicholas Subramaniam

BCHHS Wolf Pack Team


Angela Dreier, Caseworker, Boulder County

Ann Sullivan, Tay Community Coordinator, Boulder County

Becky Lee, Prt Coordinator, Boulder County

Heidi Silwa, Caseworker, Boulder County

Megan Larson, Caseworker, Boulder County

Milo Woodson, Chafee Worker, Boulder County


Knights Admin Team


Don Stensrud, Principal, Fairview High School  

 Chavonne Gloster, Administrator, Fairview High School

 Sarah DiGiacomo, Assistant Principal, Fairview High School

Rose Lupinacci, Administrator, Fairview High School

Frank Lee, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Fairview High School

Ross Sutter, Administrator, Fairview High School

STL Cardinals


Mike Russell, Vice President Human Resources, Micro Motion



Amy Helling, Youth Pastor, Cornerstone Church

Volunteer Resource Center


Kathryn Quinn, Alternative Breaks Coordinator, Volunteer Resource Center


Events Intern, Attention Homes & Intake Coordinator, Volunteer Resource Center



Amy Plache, Vice President, Velocity Dynamics, Inc.

Michelle LaBorde, Director of Communications, Fumc