Attention Homes is located in Boulder, Colo. and was founded in 1966 by Judge Horace Holmes, probation officer, John Hargadine, a First United Methodist Church bible study, and concerned community members who saw the need to provide “attention, not detention” to troubled youth.  They believed there needed to be an alternative to institutionalization or detention so that children would have a safety net and a chance to thrive rather than being placed in a locked facility.  In its 45-year history Attention Homes has served over 6,000 children in crisis by ensuring safety and meeting basic needs, providing counseling and teaching life skills, and helping at-risk youth choose a positive future.

Attention Homes was one of the first nonprofits of its kind in the United States.  The innovation of the program drew groups from more than 25 localities to travel to Boulder to visit the homes.  In fact, more than 200 homes were started across the U.S. and internationally based on the Attention Homes model.

If you have information to share about Attention Homes’ founding and/or were involved with its founding, please contact us at contactah at attentionhomes dot org, or 303.447.1206 to add to our history!