Volunteer Continuing Education

Attention Homes offers our volunteers an opportunity to learn more about the youth we serve through our Volunteer Continuing Education Program.  Six times a year Continuing Education programs are offered.  The continuing educations programs are also open to interested community members. 

Upcoming Volunteer Continuing Educations Programs:

Trauma Informed and Harm Reduction Approach  

Most of the at-risk youth we serve have histories of physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse and other types of trauma-inducing experiences. These experiences often lead to mental health issues, chronic health conditions, substance abuse, and risky behaviors that can lead to STD’s, HIV/AIDs, as well as contact the criminal justice system.

We use the trauma informed and harm reduction approach to interact with kids who have been traumatized.  Trauma informed care is based on an understanding of the vulnerabilities or triggers of trauma survivors and provides services that are supportive and avoids re-traumatization. Harm reduction helps youth minimize their risks and vulnerabilities.  Combined these two approaches help lead youth on the path towards positive change, healing and growth. 

Join Attention Homes Director of Programs, Chris Nelson, who will be educating us on the use of the Trauma Informed and Harm Reduction Approach for the youth we serve at Attention Homes.

WhenThursday April 9, 6:30-8:00 pm                                      

Where: First United Methodist Church 1443 Spruce St, 2nd Floor Meeting Room

RSVP Requested: abergland@attentionhomes.org